I had a severe back injury in 2010 in Kansas City. Since I live and work in Houston and this incident happened while on business, I was at a quandry on how to proceed. I did my due diligence and searched the internet for attorneys that specialized in Personal Injury, specifically lower-back issues.

Jason’s name came up on several keyword seraches. After speaking with Jason over the phone, I chose Jason. Jason’s character, professionalism andhonesty helped me make my choice (which was Jason). Jason provided me the insight and legal information to make a well-informed decision.

I would highly recommend Jason to handle any legal action regarding Personal Injury, You are just going to like this guy. We have developed a friendship that I think will last. Just hire Jason and be rest assured that he will do his very best in representing you.

-Larry, a Personal Injury client

We first met with Jason Pottenger about two years ago after I suffered an injury from being struck by a vehicle.

Jason provided a full range of options we might pursue with and without legal representation, so we felt equipped to make an informed decision as we enlisted his services. In the very beginning Jason suggested that this would likely take two years, and possibly more. It lasted 22 months.

Through the entire process I felt like we were partners. I was in charge of getting well. Jason was in charge of communication with providers related to billing and collecting the information needed to substantiate the pursuit of reasonable compensation.

Jason stayed in regular contact with us, even if it was to report “nothing new to report”. Any time we were unable to reach Jason personally, an e-mail, or voice mail to him resulted in a response within 24 hours. Jason kept us in the know on what was going on with efforts he was engaged in that did not require our input.

When we were called upon to meet with legal and medical council, Jason prepared us completely so we knew what to expect. Through these events, Jason was a sound foundation and support for us. During depositions, Jason was on guard and stopped any data collection that he determined inappropriate, which kept us strong through many long hours of questioning.

Our case did not go to trial as it was settled through mediation. During that very long and grueling day, Jason was a strong emotional support as well as stellar legal counsel. Our outcome, from our perspective, was fair and just without being unreasonable. Jason’s moral and ethical code matched ours, which was an important component in our partnership. We put this matter in his hands, and he managed us through this in such a manner that we will not have future regrets.

We hope that we never find ourselves in need of Legal representation in the future. However, if we do, Jason will be our first call as he has earned our full trust and confidence. We would not be in “good hands”, we would be in the “Best Hands”.

-Diana, a Personal Injury client

After meeting with a few other lawyers I hired Jason to represent me in a work comp case. I am very happy with the outcome of that case.

I felt like Jason was really in my corner and wanted to help me get through this very personal process

-Paul, a Workers Compensation client