A key goal of The Pottenger Law Firm is to educate the public about their rights and how to ensure that you are protected by the law instead of being a victim. We hope you find these “info graphics” useful in learning quickly about areas of law that affect you:

OSHA and Your Rights on a Construction Site

pottenger osha rights infographic-600w-short

Four Common Types of Nursing Home Neglect

pottenger nursing home neglect infographic-600w-short

What is Little Black Box and What Does it Contain?

PLF little black box driving infographic-600w-short

How to Avoid Slip & Fall Injuries in Winter

PLF avoid winter slip fall injuries driving infographic-600w-short

What To Do If You’re In A Car Accident


9 Sobering Drunk Driving Statistics

9 Sobering Drunk Driving Statistics

How to Prevent Electrical Accidents on the Job

Preventing Electrical Accidents on the Job

Texting and Driving

texting and driving

What to Ask a Personal Injury Attorney

What to Ask a Personal Injury Attorney

Motorcycle Crash

pottenger motorcycle crash infographic-600w-short

Car vs. Truck

Insurance Bad Faith: Don’t Let it Happen to You

bad faith infographic small

How the State Line May Affect Your Case

What Makes a Truck Accident Different: 6 Things You Should Know
pottenger truck accidents infographic 3116 (1) leadin

What to Expect after a Multi-Vehicle Accident


Navigating the Hazards of Slip & Fall Accidents

What to do When You are Hurt at Work