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Safety gates are a familiar sight at railroad crossings throughout the nation. They are usually long, thin barriers, brightly painted, that lower when a train approaches. These safety gates are supposed to prevent cars, trucks, motorcycles, and pedestrians from crossing the railroad tracks while a train is in the vicinity. The gates are invaluable barriers that protect people from death or injury by fast-moving trains.

If you or a loved one was injured due to a lack of safety barriers at a railroad crossing, you may benefit from the services of an experienced Kansas City personal injury attorney. To find out more, call the Law Offices of The Pottenger Law Firm LLC today at 816-531-6006.

Lack of Safety Gates at Railroad Crossings

Kansas City has always been a hub of rail activity. But modern trains are moving faster and quieter than trains in the past. Thus, safety gates are more important than ever in keeping people safe from trains. Most gates contain the following elements:

  • Mechanical raising and lowering apparatus
  • Bars to prevent vehicles and pedestrians from entering the tracks
  • Bright colors or reflective decals

Trains continue to be a vital part of the nation’s commercial and passenger transportation infrastructure. At locations where roads and rails intersect, barriers must be present and maintained in order to ensure the safety of pedestrians and vehicle operators.

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A lack of safety gates at railroad crossings may constitute a serious breach of the law, and victims of accidents resulting from such negligence may be eligible to receive compensation. A Kansas City lack of safety gates lawyer at The Pottenger Law Firm LLC can provide the legal support you need to pursue justice. For more information, contact us now by calling 816-531-6006.