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Truck drivers and trucking companies need to work together to make sure that trucks receive proper maintenance and upkeep before they get on the road. If a truck isn’t maintained properly, or a defect catches a driver by surprise, the resulting accidents can prove extremely destructive. Motorists injured as a result of these defects or failures may require substantial medical help, which can place a substantial burden on that patient’s household. One of the most dangerous truck malfunctions are those involving the brake system, as this could prevent a trucker from making necessary stops and driving movements.

If your injuries were caused by a defective or failing brake on a truck, we believe the party responsible for maintaining the part or creating it should be held accountable. In order to learn how we may aggressively defend your rights, contact a Kansas City personal injury lawyer of The Pottenger Law Firm LLC, at 816-531-6006 today.

The Dangers of Brake Malfunctions and Failures

There are two major causes for a failure with a truck’s braking system. In cases where the brakes fail due to a lack of maintenance, the trucking company can often be held responsible. However, if the brakes fail because of a mechanical defect, the truck’s brake manufacturer is liable for whatever injuries they cause. The following issues may be caused by a brake defect:

  • Inability to stop or slow down in traffic
  • Inability to slow down for turning
  • Inability to avoid potential dangers on the road

The ways in which a brake malfunction can affect a truck may cause severe injuries for those involved in the resulting collisions. No one should suffer the financial burden that often accompanies these accidents and injuries when another party is responsible.

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If you’ve sustained an injury because of a defect or brake failure in a truck, you may be entitled to pursue compensation for your medical bills, expenses associated with out-of-pocket obligations, and wages lost during treatment and recovery. To discuss your legal options in further detail with an experienced lawyer, contact our Kansas City brake malfunction attorneys of The Pottenger Law Firm LLC, today by calling 816-531-6006.