Kansas City Truck Defect and Malfunction Attorneys

Commercial trucks play an important role in the American economy, but these vehicles can prove to be exceptionally dangerous. When they have defects or malfunctions, other drivers and passengers on the road may suffer the worst of the consequences. Victims who sustain injuries or vehicle damage due to collisions caused by defective or malfunctioning trucks may be able to seek financial compensation through a civil lawsuit.

If you were injured as a result of a truck defect or malfunction, contact The Pottenger Law Firm LLC, at 816-531-6006. Our team of experienced Kansas City truck defect and malfunction attorneys can help you to ensure that you are fully aware of your legal rights in this matter and we will fight vigorously for all forms of compensation that you are rightfully owed.

Commonly Encountered Truck Defects and Malfunctions

Trucks are mobile, complex pieces of heavy equipment, and unfortunately each system or part has the potential to be afflicted with a defect or to malfunction while the vehicle is in use. Two particularly common problems that can lead to injury accidents include:

These crashes might have been preventable through more cautious oversight by a truck driver or trucking company, or perhaps responsibility lies solely with the manufacturer of the failed part. A skilled and experienced attorney can ensure that your case is fully investigated so the proper parties may be held accountable for the harm that you have endured.

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