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One of the primary responsibilities of a municipality is to maintain a safe and effective transportation network that allows residents and visitors to commute in a reasonably secure environment. Regrettably, there are dozens of ways in which a roadway can become unsafe, some of which may be beyond the control of those responsible for maintaining the road, but many which are preventable. Shoulder drop-offs are an example of a preventable hazard that should always be handled adequately and safely by the responsible group.

If you have suffered an injury in a car accident caused by an unsafe shoulder drop-off, the legal team at the Law Offices of The Pottenger Law Firm LLC, will work diligently to help you recover the compensation you may deserve for your medical expenses and other losses. To learn more about your legal options following an accident, call our experienced Kansas City shoulder drop-off attorneys today at 816-531-6006.

The Dangers of Shoulder Drop-Offs

Uneven pavement and steep drop-offs at the shoulder of a roadway can lead to a variety of dangerous accidents which threaten the safety and livelihood of all motorists involved. Thus, as it is the responsibility of the municipality to ensure that such dangerous conditions are prevented or well marked, an injured person may be able to pursue legal action against them. The following are a few examples of the dangers associated with shoulder drop-offs:

  • Loss of traction
  • Unintended steering changes
  • Veering into ravines and ditches near the roadway
  • Veering across medians into oncoming traffic

In some cases, people suffer devastating injuries or are even killed due to an unsafe shoulder drop-off.

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