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Guardrails are used by transportation authorities to keep motorists on the shoulder in case of an accident and to keep them from exiting the roadway or crossing into oncoming traffic. These guardrails need to be maintained regularly and built from appropriate materials to adequately stop or slow a vehicle from becoming a safety liability for other motorists if an emergency situation arises. If these rails are not properly installed or maintained, the consequences can be devastating.

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The Dangers of Missing or Damaged Guardrails

Adequate guardrails are meant to keep vehicles from running off of the road or running into on-coming traffic after a motorist loses control over their vehicle. These guardrails, if working properly, should prevent secondary accidents from occurring. This can save lives and prevent serious injuries.

However, some of the following safety issues may arise if these guardrails fall into disrepair or are not installed properly:

  • Out-of-control vehicles may enter oncoming traffic
  • Vehicles may run off of the road, striking pedestrians or crashing into trees or other objects
  • Vehicles may run off of the road, causing increased harm to a motorist
  • If the wrong material is used, vehicles may rebound back into traffic after hitting a rail

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Municipal authorities have a duty to ensure that the roads and highways in their jurisdiction are free of defects that will endanger motorists. This includes an obligation to install and maintain guardrails where appropriate. When they have failed to do so, a civil lawsuit may be appropriate. Contact the Kansas City personal injury lawyers of The Pottenger Law Firm LLC, at 816-531-6006.