Kansas City Construction Negligence Lawyers

Construction workers whose project involves the roadway or an immediately adjacent structure must be careful to avoid creating hazards on the road for motorists. Negligent construction workers or companies may bear legal liability for accidents that result from their incautiousness. When a motorist is hurt in an accident that would not have occurred if the construction site had been properly run, he or she may file a civil lawsuit seeking financial compensation to address medical bills, vehicle repairs, and other damages.

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Dangerous Construction Errors

Construction companies brought in to build a new road or repair a damaged one are responsible for keeping their activities within the designated work zone. The same is true of those companies completing projects immediately off the roadway which will involve the transportation of materials or the modification of infrastructure on the adjacent section of the road. The following are representative of the safety concerns that arise when these parties fail to uphold their duty:

  • Leaving materials on the road
  • Leaving tools on the roadway
  • Driving heavy machinery into traffic without warning
  • The failure to provide adequate signage
  • Uneven pavement

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