Kansas City Airline Negligence Lawyers

Due to the emphasis that aircraft manufacturers place on safety, airplanes have become one of the safest and most efficient ways to travel. Unfortunately, the airlines who purchase these aircraft for use in their fleet may not exercise the same degree of caution. When airlines fail to follow proper protocol concerning hiring and training employees, they dramatically increase the likelihood of an accident, thereby putting passengers at risk.

If you have been hurt, or tragically lost a loved one in a plane crash, a Kansas City personal injury lawyer at The Pottenger Law Firm LLC, can help you to pursue financial compensation and civil justice. You can hold these parties accountable through legal action, and this may also serve to prevent similar incidents from arising in the future. Contact us by calling 816-531-6006 to learn more about your legal rights.

Types of Airline Negligence

Airplanes are complex machines, and accidents may be caused by a variety of reasons. Often, however, the cause of the accident may have been preventable and resulted from negligence on behalf of the airline’s actions or policies. Some examples of airline negligence include:

An improperly hired or trained staff will not be as prepared to properly respond in the case of an emergency, thereby increasing the chances of a serious accident.

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