If you have recently been involved in a car accident, it’s likely that you will be contacted by an insurance adjuster both from your insurance company and from the insurance company of the other driver. While it’s imperative that you don’t speak to the adjuster from the other driver’s insurance company before speaking with a lawyer, you may be contractually obligated to speak with your own insurance adjuster. It’s still advised that you speak to a lawyer before you speak to any adjuster, but it’s important to know what you should avoid saying.

Remember: If you hire a lawyer before speaking with your insurance company, you can tell the insurance company to call your attorney to arrange any discussion about the accident.

If you must speak with the adjuster from your own insurance company, avoid:

  • Admitting fault
    Being involved in a car accident is jarring and confusing. Though you may think that you caused the accident, leave it to the professionals to determine fault in a car accident. There is a possibility that the other driver actually caused the accident or at least shares fault.
  • Guessing
    It’s OK to admit that you don’t know the answer to something, so if you cannot provide a factual response to a question asked, just let the adjuster know that you don’t know. Guessing or estimating the answers to questions won’t help anyone, and it could hurt your claim.
  • Going into any details about your injury
    It’s best to be vague about any injuries that you’ve incurred until you’ve completed all treatments. It’s hard to immediately know the extent of your injuries or how well you will respond to treatment. Even if you feel as though you were not injured in the crash, avoid denying any injuries until after you’ve seen a doctor and spoken with a lawyer.

Also, do not:

  • Allow them to record the phone call (Your policy may require you to allow them to record your conversation, check with your lawyer)
  • Discuss anything but the basic facts about the accident
  • Provide any details about your job, such as income, schedule, or the duties it entails
  • Answer questions about your family

After being in an accident, it’s best to first have a medical professional see to your injuries, then to contact a professional personal injury lawyer to discuss your case, and then report your accident to the insurance company. Though, all of this should be done in a timely manner. By contacting a personal injury attorney before your insurance company, you can avoid the possible pitfalls and headaches involved in dealing with the insurance adjuster.

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