texting while driving accident lawyerTexting while driving is extremely dangerous. Reading a text message successfully distracts a driver for five seconds, and at 55mph—the national average speed—that means a driver is distracted for the distance of a football field. When a driver allows themselves to be distracted by a cellphone, they are being negligent and can be held liable for any accident that occurs as a result of their distracted driving.

In a recent case, our client was rear-ended at a stoplight in the suburban Kansas City area. From the lack of skid marks and the speed of the impact, it was clear that the other driver had made no effort to slow down. Our client suspected that the defendant was on his cellphone at the time of the incident and informed the police of his suspicions.

The defendant initially denied that he was on his phone, but later admitted that he was texting at the time the accident occurred, which is why he was unable to see our client and stop in time.

Our client suffered a herniated lumbar disc, for which he was operated on. The case settled for the policy limits within 45 days of our client’s surgery.

Not only were our client’s damages significant, but the added frustration of the accident having been caused by someone who was texting and driving compelled the insurance company to settle without hesitation in fear of our client wanting to take the case to trial.

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