Thousands of people are injured each year from slip and fall injuries, some more serious than others. But who is responsible for an injury resulting from a slip and fall accident, whether it be on a staircase, wet floor, or in this case black ice? Occasionally the property owner is at fault for the accident, but that’s not true with all cases.

Our client was previously working in Houston and came to Kansas City for a business meeting. As he was walking into the office building he slipped and fell on a patch of black ice that was not visible to him. This slip and fall accident resulted in him injuring is back. Initially, our client tried to deal with the insurance company on his own. His claim was denied not once but twice. He then contacted our firm. After reviewing the case, it was clear that the defendant had liability.

When it comes to a slip and fall accident involving ice and snow, the property owner has a duty to clear areas of accumulation of snow and ice a reasonable time after the snow or ice stops coming down. Because of this it is important to prove when accumulation stopped and whether the defendant knew of any dangerous conditions. Here, we discovered that the security guard of the office building reported the black ice at the entry way to maintenance prior to our client’s accident, but the report was ignored.

After depositions were taken and a daylong mediation the case settled for $250,000. When an insurance company tells you that they have no responsibility for your slip and fall injury don’t take their word for it. Contact the Pottenger Law Firm LLC.

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