image002September 2015 | Monthly Results Feature: Workers Comp. Claim

CASE FEATURE: Repetitive Trauma Turned into Permanent Disability | Case settled for $470,000

Most people don’t realize the harm that is caused to their body from repetitive action or motion. Even less are aware that in some cases the damage caused from those motions can be permanent.

While working at a munitions factory, our client developed wrist and shoulder problems due to repetitive trauma. As you can imagine, the repetitive motions carried out when working in a facility that specializes in filling various munitions, such as bombs, shells, cartridges, pyrotechnics, screening smokes, etc. can be a lot on your body. This type of trauma is called Cumulative Trauma Disorder (CTD), and it affects the muscles and joints. It is not a disease, but a response to excessive or repeated demands on the body without enough time to recover before adding more stress. This is one of the largest work-related health problems in the United States.

Prior to the diagnosis of CTD, our client alerted her employer that she was having wrist and shoulders problems. In response to the notification, the company sent our client to their doctor, who released her with a clean bill of health.

In this particular situation, as it is with many service providers, it is always good to get a second opinion.

Our client received an evaluation by another doctor who agreed that the injuries she sustained were due to the repetitive nature of her work. These injuries were substantial and required shoulder surgery, resulting in our client’s inability to go back to work.

Due to her mature age, educational background, and injuries, our client was deemed disabled and confirmed by a vocational specialist.

The Pottenger Law Firm needed to prove that our client was in fact disabled, and that there was no work that she could do, and then work out a settlement that would be beneficial for her and not offset her social security.

After an aggressive cross examination, proven evidence, and compelling arguments, The Pottenger Law Firm negotiated a settlement of $470,000 for our client before going to court.


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