image001November 2015 | Missouri Human Rights Act

CASE FEATURE: Navigating Sovereign Immunity to Get Justice

There are some cases that truly hit home and bring attorneys together to work towards a common goal: justice. Occasionally that type of case, no matter the hurdles, red tape, or roadblocks, is so important that it brings out the best of every attorney on the case and their problem solving abilities to find a solution.

A recent client of ours was the victim of ongoing sexual abuse by a teacher. Criminal charges had been filed and a conviction followed, but the fact remained that our client, along with a number of other children, had suffered emotional pain and anguish. The questions of why and how this could have gone on in a school district and to so many victims needed to be answered.

After some investigation and discovery, damning information came out about the district blatantly ignoring the red flags of this teacher’s behavior in previous years. The school district failed to take action to protect students. Because of this lack of action, a number of students ended up being victimized.

Justice was a difficult feat at best, as the school district was protected by sovereign immunity, making it difficult to get to the district, its administrators, and their actions and omissions. However, a number of passionate and well-respected attorneys in the area banded together to come up with a strategy to pierce through the immunity to achieve justice for these young people.

The Pottenger Law Firm worked with a team of other lawyers to devise a plan to utilize the Missouri Human Rights Act to get around the hurdles of the case. The creative problem solving ability demonstrated by the team won the case and got justice for all the victims involved.

This was a sad case, but it was gratifying work to be able to use the law to truly do good for those who needed it most.


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