Understanding the practical application of Missouri workers’ compensation law is key to achieving a successful settlement for our clients. What sets Missouri apart from other states is that if an individual is permanently and totally disabled they may reade entitled to lifetime weekly payments.

lower back injuryAfter suffering a lower back injury while on the job, a Missouri man was given a 10% impairment rating by the doctor selected for him by his employer. That prognosis suggested that although his disability was permanent it was minor and would not impact his employability. Believing that his injuries were more severe than the doctor concluded, the injured man enlisted the help of experienced workers’ compensation attorneys at The Pottenger Law Firm.

After interviewing the worker, Atty. Jason Pottenger believed that the client likely to be permanently and totally disabled. Given the severity of his injuries, his age, his educational background and his work experience, Atty. Pottenger also believed he would be unable to find work. We sent our client for an independent medical examination for a second opinion. This time, the doctor considered his injuries to be significant and suggested obtaining the opinion of a vocational rehabilitation counselor. After conducting an interview and various tests, the vocational rehabilitation counselor determined that the client was unemployable in the open labor market.

According to Missouri workers’ compensation law, injured persons may be entitled to life time permanent total disability benefits. However, life time payments can negatively affect social security disability payments. However, a lump sum workers compensation payment can be structured so as to avoid reducing the monthly social security disability payments. In this case, Atty. Pottenger successfully achieved a lump sum settlement for his client for $540,000.

The time from when the client hired The Pottenger Law firm to the time of his settlement was less than a year. Although this rapid resolution is extraordinary for such a complex case, this result demonstrates the high standards that Atty. Pottenger sets for himself to aggressively obtain his clients the financial compensation they deserve as a result of their injuries.


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