CASE FEATURE: Keep Your Holiday Spirits Bright, but Your BAC below the Legal Limit

One December night, a California firework company’s holiday celebration turned from cheerful to tragic. In common fashion, the company held a holiday party for its employees, at which alcohol was provided. After leaving the party, an intoxicated employee was involved in a car accident that killed one person and injured two children.

The parents of the deceased filed a legal complaint against the company for the wrongful and premature death of their son. The mother of the two injured children tacked on three additional claims for the injuries to each child and sought reimbursement for their medical care. The legal question at hand was, ‘is the company liable for the actions of its employees traveling to and from work?’

In general, there is a principle that protects employers from negligent actions of their employees while traveling to and from work. The difference in this case, however, is that the company provided alcohol to its employees at an event that was hosted to benefit the company itself. The intention of the party was to improve employer-employee relationships and motivate employees to continue working for the company, this coupled with the unregulated alcohol consumption, made the firework company liable for the car accident that occurred following the party.


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