Settlement– Lifetime payments for a young widow whose husband was electrocuted on a construction site.

A construction crew was framing a house in a new housing development in Overland Park Kansas, when this tragedy occurred. The crew including supervisors had been preparing to set an I-beam in the house using a front loader. They had only tied one rope to the beam, instead of two, and it began to swing and gain momentum. When our clients husband tried to direct it, the beam hit an overhead transmission line and he died instantly.

In Kansas, there was a $200,000 cap on death benefits and this young man left behind his new bride and infant child in Missouri. Scared and confused, the wife of the deceased contact our firm to review the case.

This is a perfect example of how a state line through the middle of our metro area (Missouri and Kansas) can affect the outcome of similar cases because, depending on which side of that line you’re on, it brings into play divergent laws, juries, and other factors.

In Missouri, lifetime death benefit could pay out between $1 and $1.5 million dollars.

After hiring a personal investigator to conduct an investigation on the building, neighbors, and power line, The Pottenger Law Firm was able to develop and provide enough evidence to show that the deceased was hired in Missouri, not Kansas; therefore the case should be tried or settled in Missouri.

The $1 million dollar settlement that was awarded to our client was significantly more than the young family would have received had the case been made in Kansas. The $800,000 difference truly made a grave impact on the lives of the deceased’s family.
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