In our everyday lives, we rely on the fact that drivers are safely taking precautions on the roadways. When we are riding in or driving a car, we keep an extra eye out for reckless drivers, but when we walking on the sidewalk, standing at a bus stop or inside a business establishment, it rarely crosses our minds to be on the lookout for an out-of-control car.

A recent tragedy in Missouri is an exact example of such a terrible accident. A  54-year-old frequent customer at the Quick Dine Restaurant was killed Friday after a semi-truck crashed through the diner and struck him. Employees at the diner have stated that the man got coffee at the diner nearly everyday, sitting in the same booth.

According to police officials, the accident occurred  Friday when a car allegedly pulled in front of the semi-truck while traveling on U.S. 71 causing the driver to swerve in order to avoid hitting it.

The truck driver hit the car and also slammed into the restaurant as a result. One man was killed and three others were injured after the truck plowed through the wall. A 72-year-old customer is in critical condition and two others are reportedly in good condition at this time.

The driver of the semi-truck and the car were not injured in the crash, according to Missouri State Highway Patrol. Family and community members are left saddened and in shock that such a tragic accident occurred so quickly.