Nursing home abuse is a situation that we would like to think never occurs, but this is unfortunately not the case. Not only does physical abuse occur in nursing homes, but other forms of abuse also occur.

A recent case of drug abuse in Kansas is an example of this. Last year, a nurse admitted to tampering with painkillers at a nursing home in Topeka and later claimed that she was forced into pleading guilty. She will now receive another court hearing in the case.

Last November, the nurse plead guilty to the charges of diluting painkillers and she was sentenced to three years. After the sentencing she claimed that she was misled into pleading guilty to tampering products and adulteration of a drugs because she was told that she would be released early if she finished a program.

It was not until after the sentencing that she learned that tampering with products is considered a “crime of violence” and early time out is not allowed. Judges in the case were worried that if a judge was taking prison treatment programs into account during her original sentencing, then her case might have been in violation of the law.

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