There is a construction zone located in between Great Bend, Kansas and Hoisington, Kansas. The construction workers are currently in the process of putting down the overlay on the surface of the road. As of recently, there were no lighted signs warning upcoming drivers and motorcyclists about the uneven surfaces they were about to encounter.

This lack of proper signage has led to numerous motorcycle accidents. One motorcyclist, who lost control of his bike in the area, revealed that the inch and a half of mixed overlay caused the traction on motorcycle tires to become compromised, therefore leading to an increased risk of accidents. There were relatively no signs in the area of the construction zone warning travelers to take precaution. Four accidents involving motorcycles have recently taken place in the same construction area on the highway. One motorcyclist lost his life as a result of the accident, and three others sustained serious injuries.

Highway officials started researching how to make the area safer to motorcyclists and motor vehicles that pass through. Last Wednesday, lighted construction zone signs were brought to the construction zone, and were set up just north of Great Bend. The signs are equipped with flashing warning signs and lights, making them visible at night when vision can be compromised. The new signs were designed in order to prevent future accidents from occurring while the stretch of highway is under construction.

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