Kansas Highway Patrol has announced that they will no longer be using hand-written citation in parts of the state and will now being using electronic driving citations.

All KHP officers in the northwest region of the state will be making the switch to the electronic citations next week and the rest of the state will also make the switch within the next few months. Highway Patrol officials have stated that there are many benefits associated with making the switch to electronic citations and they are excited to begin the implementation.

For example, internal citation statistics will be tracked easier giving the patrol unit consistency in their training. Citations will now be easier to read and this will help to keep information more accurate.

Also, the time to process tickets will be reduced as well, making it much easier for courts to manage court dates. The new system does not require any new hardware in the patrol cars and it will give officers the ability to report citations that were given in a certain county.

An important change for drivers to know is that the new electronic system does not require any type of signature and the new system will not change any fines associated with the driving citations.

“The e-citation system is an extremely efficient platform that will further our goal to provide professional, quality service to the motoring public, as well as to the courts throughout Kansas. This endeavor is another positive step in the right direction. We are pleased to be able to further enhance our partnership with the Kansas judicial system,” said Captain Scott Harrington, commander of the Patrol’s Public and Governmental Affairs section.

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