Drunk driving is a serious issue in the U.S. that results in thousands of fatal accidents each year. Kansas City police are trying to combat this byt putting a new program into affect called “Know Your Limits” which will allow bar patrons to check their blood alcohol  content without any fear of repercussion.

The objective of this program is to allow people to check BAC and compare it to what they thought it was in order to shed light on whether a person should be driving or not.

One bar patron tested out the new program after having five beers at a bar. Once he performed a breathalyzer test he found out that his BAC was measured at a .126, which is much higher than the legal limit.

Police officials stated that they were surprised how many patrons were willing to participate in the program. Patrons in the bar stated that they were curious to find out how their actual blood alcohol content matched what they thought it would.

Many were surprised by what number they had. Along with offering breathalyzer tests, police officers also handed out cards that showed the link between alcohol consumption and a person’s body weight. Although the program is new, police officials have stated that the first run of the program was very successful and are hoping to receive grant money in order to continue to program.