When motorcycle parts malfunction, serious accidents can be the result. Defective motorcycle parts can be hazardous, and motorcyclists could sustain serious injuries in accidents due to a manufacturer’s error. Recalls relating to motorcycle parts are common, but owners may not be notified in time to avoid an accident. It is important for motorcycle owners to maintain their safety by checking for recalled parts of their specific bikes on a regular basis.

A motorcycle recall recently issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, NHTSA, affects several different BMW models. The models included in the national recall are the BMW K1200R, K1200S, and the K1200R Sport. The potential problem associated with this recall is focused on the front brake fluid reservoir.

According to the recall statement, the fluid that is located in the front brake fluid reservoir could bubble up, creating foam. The foaming of the brake fluid could potentially cause the front brakes of the motorcycle to weaken. This problem may correlate to an increased risk of motorcycle accidents. Approximately 2,062 models that were manufactured between 2007 and 2008 are included in the recall.

Owners of the defective motorcycles will be able to take them to any dealership to have the problem fixed. The reservoir on the affected motorcycles will have a screen insert placed into it in order to correct the problem.