The month of October has been deemed “Walktober.” During this month, people across the country are encouraged to walk or bike more often in order to add exercise to their daily activities, and to naturally relieve stress. More pedestrians and bicyclists on roads, including in neighborhoods and on busy streets, means that bicyclist and pedestrian safety will be even more important.

When pedestrians are present, bicyclists should maintain a safe distance, and audibly signal when they are attempting to pass them on the street. Numerous collisions occur when pedestrians are not aware that a bicyclist is passing them. Bicyclists should voice their location when pedestrians are present in order to avoid these types of accidents from taking place.

When bicyclists are biking on the same roadway as cars, they have the right-of-way. In order for bicyclists to be easily seen by motor vehicle drivers, their bikes should be well-equipped with proper lighting. The front of the bike should have a white light attached to it, and the back should have a red reflector present. Bicyclists should proceed with caution when they are in heavy traffic, and should not attempt to pass a motor vehicle unless it is lawful and safe to do so.

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