Although not as prevalent as traveling via car, train travel is still common throughout much of the United States. With all of the precautionary signs and lights that are required near railroads, one would hope that drivers would be well-informed when a train is approaching. While this is true in some cases, there are still instances of train and car collisions occurring throughout the country.

A recent accident has left a Kansas city in shock as they mourn the loss of a beloved community member. A fundraiser was organized shortly after the accident occurred in order to raise money for her family, who have been in the center of this tragedy. The car and train collision took the life of  a mother, and left her husband and 8-month-old child injured.

According to police officials, the incident occurred as the three people were traveling to a deer hunting ground in Harvey County when their vehicle collided with a train.

A barbecue dinner and auction were arranged by family friends in order to raise money for the father and child who were both injured. Covering medical expenses and providing for the future of the young child are the main objectives in the fundraiser.

The event took place at Sedgwick Grade School and featured not only a silent auction,  but also a live auction. The father of the injured child is currently in rehabilitation and is expected to make a full recovery. Community members and friends that were not able to attend the event may contribute by donating to the Taylor Malek Sowell Memorial Fund.