Operating a vehicle is a task that most Americans take part in everyday. It is done so often, that it almost becomes a mundane part of our schedule that is performed with little thought. What most people forget is that driving can be one of the most dangerous aspects of our day, especially when you take into account distracted, negligent, and drunk drivers that may also be on the roadway.

Another dangerous driving scenario is when roadway construction occurs. It usually takes place during the late night hours in order to not interfere with the daily lives of those who live and commute in the area. The problem with these construction sites, however, is that they create an unsafe environment for roadway workers as well as drivers, who may have limited visibility in the dark and may not be expecting any impediment to their normal travels. 

In the Hutchinson area, this has become a serious problem in recent days after four motorcycle accidents occurred in four days  along a stretch of U.S. 281 that was a part of a work zone. As a result of these accidents, Kansas Department of Transportation officials in the area have decided to install lighted signs at the end of each construction zone in order to give drivers a more obvious warning. The signs will flash these messages: “Work Zone Ahead”, “Caution Uneven Lanes”, and “Next 8 miles.”

Three of the four accidents occurred after dark and two occurred within minutes of each other. One of the accidents was fatal and occurred as the motorcyclist attempted to lift his bike up after losing control of it. He was then struck by a passing vehicle. Officials with KDOT are hopeful that this project will be complete by the end of the week.