People don’t trust insurance companies, with good reason. But many people are also leery of lawyers, with some justification. There are law firms out there with a volume approach to personal injury claims — take the first settlement offer and move on to the next case, without regard for justice or the client’s needs.

At The Pottenger Law Firm LLC, our philosophy is to pursue the full value of claims, knowing that clients may be unable to cover their losses if we don’t. We prepare each case as if it will go to trial, and the insurance companies are familiar with our reputation for success. Most lawsuits never reach a jury, but our meticulous work-up of the case and our willingness to try cases makes insurers take us seriously in settlement negotiations.

We do everything we can to improve your odds and maximize your compensation. First, we stand between you and the insurance adjusters who want to lure you into statements that will limit your claim. We conduct a prompt and thorough investigation to gather evidence of negligence. And we pull in experts from various fields to determine our clients’ needs and demonstrate the monetary damages.

Let’s start with a free consultation and honest evaluation of your personal injury claim. Call our Kansas City, Missouri office at 816-531-6006, or e-mail us.